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SunPower high efficiency E20/333 and E20/327 Solar Panels

SunPower has introduced a series of panels that takes the advantages of high efficiency solar technology to another level.

The E20 series solar panels set a new standard for solar, achieving record panel efficiencies of over 20%.

  • Highest efficiency panels available on the market today, including the world’s first 20% efficiency panel
  • Maximum performance: The panels that make up the E20 Series are compatible with Transformer-less (TL) inverters. This means that SunPower superior panel performance can now be matched with the highest performing inverters, maximising system output
  • New positive power tolerance rating: with the SunPower E20 Series you can be assured that you will always get the power you have paid for… or more
  • SunPower patented Maxeon™ cell technology sets the standard for solar performance and reliability, enabling up to 50% more power than conventional solar panels and up to 3 times better reliability performance. Maxeon™ cells hold the world efficiency record of 22.4%
  • Guaranteed performance: The new line of SunPower solar panels is backed by the same industry leading guarantees as the rest of our product offering:  10-year product warranty and 25-year power warranty

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