Solar PV Design & Installation
Solar Feed In Tariffs Due to Finish End of March 2019!



Solar PV Feed in Tariff (FIT) generation rates from 1st Feb 2016

The solar PV Feed in Tariff rates below apply to eligible solar PV systems with an EPC rating of grade ‘D’ or higher.


Solar PV system size <4KWp 4kWp – 10KWp >10kWp<50Kwp
Tariff rates 4.39 per KWh  per 4.39KWh 4.59p per KWh
Tariff lifetime 20 years 20 years 20 years


The solar PV export tariff

Buy price per additional KWh is currently set at 4.64p (guaranteed for 20 years and index linked to the Retail Price Index).


System cost and payback period

All costs are approximate estimates and assume south facing roofs at 35 degree pitch with no shading at 850KWh per KWp installed (an average system output for UK solar PV systems). The prices includes AC connection but are exclusive of any remedial AC works that may be required and scaffolding costs.


Current Estimated annual return and saving for a 4KWp system installed in Penrith, Cumbria.
Estimated installation cost (Ex Scaffold) £5500
PV annual generation @850 KWh per KWp 3400 KWh
PV Annual FITS earning @ 4.39p per unit £149
PV saving ( 50% of total production @16p/unit) £272
Export (50% of total production @ 4.64p/unit) £81
Total annual production & Saving £502
Approx payback period 11 Years
Annual return on investment 11%
Solar PV area 26m²