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Solar Feed In Tariffs Due to Finish End of March 2019!

Money back for Green energy

The Feed in Tariff (FiT) for
solar PV electricity generation


The Feed in Tariff
The Feed in Tariff (FiT) guarantees the owner of a solar PV system a fixed price for the total amount of electricity generated from your solar PV system. This rate is guaranteed by law to be paid by all electricity providers for the next 20 years, or for the life of the solar array. The FiT is index linked to inflation and is tax free for non-commercial properties.

For current FiT rates and PV export tariff, please view our Prices page.

What are the economic benefits of PV and the Feed in Tariff?

  1. Electricity prices are going to keep rising and have increased at approx 10% every year for the last decade.
  2. A solar PV system will reduce your electricity bills if not rid you of them all together.
  3. Approx annual return on investment of 6-10%.
  4. Better return on your investment than any savings account, ISA or pension.
  5. All green electricity generated is tax free.
  6. PV payback of 10-14 years.
  7. Added value to property.

What if the property uses all the electricity generated?

The property can use every unit of electricity generated from your solar system and you will still get paid the total Feed in Tariff rate for all the power produced.

What happens if the property uses more electricity than is generated?

Electricity will be taken off the grid the same as before, this process is fully automated.

What happens if the electricity generated is not used in the property?

The electricity will pass through the generation meter and be automatically exported to the grid.

How is solar generation calculated?

All PV systems as a matter of course are fitted with a generation meter; the generation meter calculates the total amount of electricity generated.

What is the Feed in Tariff (FiT) guarantee?

Currently, if you have a system installed, the Feed in Tariff is guaranteed for the next 20 years, this cannot be changed by subsequent governments.

How to access the Feed in Tariff

Your solar PV system has to be designed, installed and commissioned by an MSC approved installer of which Love Solar is one. After the system is installed, commissioned and paid for you will be given an MCS installation certificate and unique number. This number is then given to your electricity provider to register for the Feed in Tariff.

How much does a system cost and what is the payback period?
For a calculation of costs and payback based on current rates, please view our Prices page.