Love Solar Case Studies

Case Study - Low energy eco cabin in Castle Douglas

Installation location: Castle Douglas
Installation Date: September - 2012
Module Type: Bisol 250
System Size: 2 Panels
Estimated Annual Output: 500kW
Eco Cabin in Castle Douglas

This project for an low energy Eco cabin we installed in Castle Douglas made it’s television debut at on Channe 4 on Tuesday 6th November 2012 as part of 'George Clarke's Amazing Spaces'
The series focuses on innovative and alternative small dwellings throughout the UK, constructed and developed from structures as diverse as horse trailers and disused railway carriages to tree houses and eco cabins.
Ewen Estill Managing Director of Love Solar Ltd along with Jon Bardgett, Design & Installer worked together on the project during the summer. It’s one of an increasing number of off-grid installations that the company has undertaken over the last 12 months. Ewen said “with the cost of PV falling & customers still being able to claim the feed in tariff even for off-grid systems, PV offers an affordable alternative to mains electricity”.
The programme featured an ‘’off grid’’ low energy eco cabin, utilising solar PV and batteries to provide the dwellings electricity. The eco cabin uses a lot of innovative design concepts and technologies to achieve a minimum environmental impact and shows that it is possible to build sustainably and affordably. The programme demonstrates what can be achieved with a good idea, dedication and a little bit of hard work.