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EPC – “Energy Performance Certificate” For PV Systems

EPC - Energy Performance Certificate


The Department of Energy and Climate Change allows a solar PV installation to count towards reaching a level D EPC requirement. All new solar PV systems wishing to receive the full feed-in tariff rate available will have to be accompanied with a valid EPC level D. Following confusion, the DECC confirmed that a solar installation will contribute to bringing the property up to EPC level D.


What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate is a document created by a Domestic Energy Assessor containing information on how to make your home more energy efficient and decrease Carbon Dioxide emissions.

To qualify for solar panel installation, you will need to possess a Level D certificate,

The EPC requirement will apply to any heated or cooled building connected to a solar PV installation, whether residential, commercial or otherwise. That would mean that even if PV is mounted on an unheated barn or shed, the property receiving the electricity would have to hold a level D EPC certificate.

As for ground mounted arrays, if the array feeds into a building for consumption then the property consuming the energy must hold a level D EPC to qualify for the higher tariff.

It is also worth noting that any system over 50kW will not require an EPC certificate, as the consultation only covered systems less than or equal to 50kW.